Hatha Flow- Get centered, stronger and more flexible. This multi-level class is a slower paced, deep practice with meditation.


Level 1-2 Yoga- This multi-level class includes basic poses as well as options for the more intermediate student to develop strength, balance and endurance.


Pilates/Yoga Fusion- Encompassing the flexibility and meditative elements of yoga with the muscle strengthening and toning of Pilates. This multi-level fusion class is an ideal balance of body & mind, breath & movement.


Prana Flow- Is an energetic, creative approach to embodying the flow of yoga. Play the edge and dance to the pulse of life as an ongoing practice.


Relax-Deeply- This class uses props to support the body during poses. This Multi-level class allows us to gain the therapeutic effects of conscious relaxing Relax and let go!


Yin/Yang Yoga- This class is appropriate for all levels as it combines passive and active poses with breath and meditation to lead us into a deep integrated and satisfying practice.


(Starting January 2008)

Nia Dance- Incorporates elements of dance, martial arts, yoga and other free form movements into expressive, flowing and energizing workout. All levels are welcome to express their body, mind & spirit.


Tai Chi- All levels are welcome to practice this powerful and transformative personal healing practice, based on ancient Asian traditions of martial arts.


Improvisational Dance- Is an open ended exploration of dance and rhythmic music creating an explorative journey through your body, mind & spirit.


Beginning Modern dance- Learn the basic moves of modern dance. Each season will bring on a new theme of dance or we can infuse different styles to create a fun and high energy workout.


Beginners Yoga (work shop)- A beginners yoga workshop is a progression series designed to orient students to fundamental principles of yoga practice. This workshop will cover sun salutations, yogic breathing, standing poses, balancing postures, forward bending, twists, back bending and inversion preps. Check schedule for upcoming 6 week Beginner progression series.


Contact Improvisational Dance- Is an open ended exploration of improvisational dance while physical contact with other dancers. Sometimes very fast and athletic, sometimes quiet and meditative, it is a form open to all bodies, changing from moment to moment and dance to dance. CI dance is part “non-martial” martial art, part acrobatic dance, part movement meditation, and part collaborative bodywork and alignment practice.


Low-Flying Trapeze- Learn to stretch and move your body up side down, side ways and any way you can imagine and get your body into positions you didn’t think were possible. This class can be a great practice for climbers and dancers – all levels.

Class liability waiver

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Healing Arts Centre & Movement Studio is owned and operated by independent contractors who rely on client’s punctuality, integrity and impeccability. We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. 100%service charge will be applied to late cancellations or no shows. No exceptions. Please make sure that all appointments are the accurate day and time before purchasing online.